How can I fix all my teeth? (Photo)

My two front teeth are bigger tha the rest with a gap.

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Front teeth bigger, options


From the photo it appears that your two front teeth are proportionally much larger than the two side front teeth. They also appear protruded.  There are two basic options:

First option is to do orthodontic treatment to straighten your upper teeth so the the front teeth is not sticking out so much and then do veneers to change the size of the four front teeth. 

 Second option is to consult a top cosmetic dentist to see if you can do four veneers without orthodontic treatment.  This will be best done with a wax up model to show you how your teeth will look before start of treatment.


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Normally the two front teeth are over one and a half times wider than the lateral incisors. Part of what also makes your front teeth look so much larger is that the crowding pushes them forward to even more prominence.

The first thing to do is to orthodontically align the teeth--invisalign would be one of the options to consider. 

You can even look at the digital treatment plan with your dentist and visualize if the treatment is adequate or that the proportions still need to be addressed after straightening 

Good luck

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