Will This Laser Address Sun Damage, Wrinkles, Reddish Tone and Tired Eyes? (photo)

Re: full face and neck laser. Seems costly and it scares me. I have some sun damage, some wrinkling, a constant reddish tone to my face, and tired looking under eyes, and deeper wrinkles on my neck. Will the laser address all of these flaws? Can the laser be done under my eyes on my lids? I have had injections for this, and need more I think, but will the laser address this issue at all? What can I expect with this procedure? Some say it does miracles, and would make me look younger. Should I?

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Will This Laser Address Sun Damage, Wrinkles, Reddish Tone and Tired Eyes?

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Very good and important question, Tony.  Based on your photos, it looks like you are a safe skin type for Co2 resurfacing.  The big question, is how much down time tolerance do you have?  It could take a week for you to look like yourself again, and many weeks for the redness to subside.  This is important since you asked about treating redness. You would likely need some followup treatment to treat redness since it will be temporarily worsened.  In the right hands, you stand to experience improvement in the 3 "T's" Tone, Texture, and Tightening.


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