Had butt injections want removed with implant. (photo)

Looking for a dr to remove black market injections and do an implant surgury

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Removing butt injections and replacing with implant

As long as the injections are palpable meaning feelable, they can be removed; a buttock implant can be placed for you in the intramuscular plane. Please make a consultation with a buttocks specialist to get you more information regarding the details of your surgery.

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Buttock Injections

Underground buttock injections can be of many different materials.These are non medical grade, and can cause severe granulomas and can migrate to different part of the body.An MRI can delineate the extent of the material injected and where it is located.Surgery to remove the material is very difficult. One can never remove all the material injected but can remove the bulk of the material.After removal one can assess the situation and correct it with a buttock implant

Samir Shureih, MD
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Replacement of butt injections with implants

i'm sorry to hear of your misfortune of becoming another misled patient about the outcomes and dreams of black market buttock injections.  To have the buttock injection material removed and replaced with buttock implants is possible but requires a staged procedure.  First, surgery must be performed to remove as much of the material as possible and then a standard minimum waiting time of at least six months to heal.  If this healing process goes smooth and uneventful then at approximately nine months to a year afterwards, buttock implants can be placed (under the gluteus maximus of course) to reconstruct the buttock shape and volume. Glad to help as i have had the pleasure of assisting dozens of patients just like yourself from around the world. 

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