Tethered Lip Due to Large Nasal Spine VS Hanging Columella? (photo)

Which patient can expect greater upper lip gains after they've corrected these issues?

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Dear David Villa

Hi David,

I've noticed that you've asked a large number of questions on Realself related to your nose and long face research.  You've used a variety of pictures to ask about and illustrate your concerns, but are any of your posted pictures of you?

I think the answers provided by all the surgeons have been great, and have given you a lot of useful information.

But I don't think you're going to learn much more by posting essentially the same questions over and over.

If you are interested in surgery, my advice to you is to find the right surgeon for your needs, and work with them in planning in order to give yourself the maximum chance of the outcome you are expecting to have.

Good luck.

Nasal issue

It is unfair to comment on these two photos because they are very different, and an in person exam would be essential.  The photo on the right looks like if a dorsal hump is removed, this will relax the tension on the tip and lip and most likely willnot need a nasal spine reduction.  The left one, I would have to see in different angles.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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