I am terrified of my nose looking like this? (photo)

What can I tell my doctor so i wont have a nose like in the picture? my tip is already small, but its just droopy and bulbous. its not wide at all. so im so scared!!!

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Express Expectations Clearly

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You need to make sure that your PS understands exactly what you expect from your surgery!!!  From the single photo you present, it appears that you need to have your alar cartilage trimmed conservatively, sutured and reshaped and then supported with a cartilage tip graft.  This will rotate your tip up, better match it to the width of your nose and give it the support it needs.

The pinched tip in the other girl's photo is the result of an overly aggressive surgeon who removed way too much tissue and gave her an "overdone" look.  Pick your surgeon wisely and you shouldn't have to worry about this kind of result…good luck!

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty Concerns

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I would be terrified,too.  If you have had a consult with a surgeon that thinks that is a nice nose, run!  The girl in the photo has a pinched tip.    Not only is that a very unattractive nose, but she has restricted breathing through her nostrils.  Too much cartilage was taken out of that girl's nasal tip.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that does a lot of Rhinoplasty surgeries each year.

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