Is TEPR Fluid Like Tatt2Away, Rejuvatek, Rejuvi.. a Safe and Effective for Tattoo Removal?(photo)

Is TEPR fluid like Tatt2Away, Rejuvatek, Rejuvi a safe and effective alternative to laser for large, multicolored tattoo removal?

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Topical tattoo removal creams are not as effective as Laser Tattoo Removal

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All OTC tattoo removal creams, lotions, balms, and other topicals sold via the internet contain harsh acids or related ingredients that can cause burns and scarring.  They usually do not remove the tattoo completely, but may fade it, often with scarring or other untoward effects, which has been my experience as a practicing dermatologist who has seen such patients.

Q-switched laser tattoo removal is the gold standard treatment for potentially scarless and complete removal of tattoos.  Many factors are involved in outcome prediction.  An evaluation by an experienced board certified Dermatologist or other physician experienced in q-switched laser tattoo removal, as well as other removal methods is my recommendation.

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