Is it Possible for Injectable Filler to Still be in My Lips 3 Years After Being Injected?

I had Teosyal KISS and Fortelis Extra injected in my lips and upper lips area. Although it has flattened out, another doctor had injected widase to dissolve some of the material which created an indentation. Is it possible that the Teosyal and Fortelis are still in my lips because of the amount he injected orr was it replaced by my own collagen? Is this possible? Is it possible for it to last this long? What can I do to dissolve other than wydase?

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Longevity of Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers Like Teosyal, Fortelis and Juvederm

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Hyaluronic acid lip fillers like Teosyal, Fortelis and Juvederm typically last up to a year. However there are some studies which suggest that they can last longer when the injections have been topped off  before the lips return to their baseline volume. Also it is quite possible that the fillers injected had stimulated the production of your own collagen as well. 

Since Teosyal and Fortelis are types of hyaluronic acids, it might be possible to use hyaluronidase (enzyme) to minimize the volume in your lips. However it is best to discuss various options with your physician in order to achieve the results you want. 

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Longevity in lip fillers from lip augmentation

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I typically only use Juvederm or Restylane for lip augmentation. These products are hyaluronic acid fillers like Toesyl amd Fortelis and typically have a life span of about a year. While this varies from patient to patient and seems to last longer after multiple injections, a three year period would be more then adequate for most or all reabsorption. Some patients may actually stimulate some collagen growth adding natural fullness while the product has already reabsorbed or scar tissue formation giving the appearance of fullness. I would speak with your original injecting surgeon and discuss your concerns, find out exactly what product was injected in each area and how much and then discuss possible treatments to address your concerns. With all fillers less is more, you can always add!! Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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Longevity of lip fillers

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Although we routinely tell patients the expected life span of typical hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane is one year, there are many occasions where these fillers have lasted much longer. Some patients can take longer to metabolize the hyaluronic acid, while in others the injections may stimulate new collagen formation through mechanical stretching of the dermis causing activation of dermal fibroblasts.You can follow the web reference link below to see before and after pictures of my wife's lips that I injected with Restylane four years ago with no touch-up injections since!
You can also follow the video link below to see me injecting my wife’s lips with Restylane:

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Lip fillers and lip augmentation - longterm results

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While lip augmentation with fillers is a very common procedure, it is actually a very delicate area and can vary from person to person. In general, when using hyaluronic based fillers (such as Teosyl, Fortelis, Juvederm, Restylane, etc.) the filler is usually completely resorbed in about six months. It would be rare for the product to be present three years out but there is a chance that some of it has persisted. The other possibility is that there is some slight scar formation in the area. Besides Wydase, you may want to try aggressive massage and hot compresses. Rarely, I have had to treat patients that I have seen with similar concerns to yourself with low dose kenalog injections.

Best wishes,

-Dr. Asaria

Jamil Asaria, MD
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