Would the tool used in my nostrils have damaged/broke any sutures? After that my nose looks wider, nostrils look bigger. (photo)

I've had rhinoplasty overseas to correct my deviated septum, they also lifted the tip a little and narrow the nostrils . At exactly a month I went to see a surgeon here in the U.S. because I had hit my nose at 17 days after my procedure ,he checked and also took one of his tools,kind of like a needle but longer/wider.He pull my nostril with that to create more room for me to breath because I had told him that my nose felt stuffed and I couldn't breath.It hurt but i was able to breath better.

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Tool in nose and nostrils look wider

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The maneuver used to evaluate the breathing is known as the Modified Cottle Maneuver. It is very safe and used to support the sidewall of the nose to see how it would breathe if there was less collapse. There is no way that it would affect anything. Your nose is still healing from a rhinoplasty and this takes over a year for the healing to occur. The maneuver will not effect the nostrils.

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