14 weeks post op, Natural Asymmetry -vrs-Misplacement/Size of Implant? Sientra textured shaped classic base 310. (photo)

Why surgeon said lift not needed though damage/sagging/symmetry of Right breast severe? Why surgeon didnt notice Right rib cage protruded & would cause additional asymmetry so could plan ahead, ex. smaller implant needed/other? How to move forward with resolving this issue “Tacking” to improve shape? Volume reduction and/or surgical Re-placement of Right implant? Breast lift as asymmetry is greater than expected? Other possible procedures (Fat Transfer) to even appearance? All of the above?

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Need Preop photo

In order to best assess your result, it would be quite helpful to see the preoperative condition of your breasts in front and side views. Having said that, at 14 weeks postoperatively it appears that there is some asymmetry that can be addressed with secondary surgeries. You may need to have the right breast pocket adjusted with a little more muscle release on the inside. You may likewise benefit from a doughnut type mastopexy on the right side and maybe some fat grafting to establish better symmetry. I recommend you discuss these options with your plastic surgeon who knows you best. Good luck.

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14 weeks post op, Natural Asymmetry -vrs-Misplacement/Size of Implant? Sientra textured shaped classic base 310. (

Sorry for your postop issues but only in person second opinions and revision surgery can improve the appearance......

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