Why is nobody in Nashville or close using ThermiVA? Are any even planning to add this to their services? I'd be first in line!!

I would love to be able to have this done, but there is not one doctor offering it in the Nashville area. I have tried the provider search and all I can find is Clarksville and Knoxville, both being at least 2 hours away. I am sure other women would also like to have this alternative to surgery closer. It is quite a long ride for a 30 minute procedure, especially one that needs to be repeated a few times. I personally cannot make that drive due to gastro issues. I hope someone offers it soon.
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ThermiVa in Nashville

Thank you for your interest in ThermiVa. Please go on the Thermi website and locate a Thermi representative to contact in regards to this. This would help them strategize a plan to meet the high demand for ThermiVa in your area (if it isn't in the works already!). Good luck!

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Thermva in Tennesee

#Thermiva for vagina and l#abiaplasty
Themiva has been demonstrated to improve vaginal dryness, improve vaginal circulation and heighten orgasm.
Check on the Real Self or ASAPS physician locater to find a doctor in your area
or Call the thermiRF company

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Why is nobody in Nashville or close using ThermiVA? Are any even planning to add this to their services? I'd be first in line!!

Probably because many of us think that it is not an effective treatment. ThermiVA is a radio frequency based device. This technology is not able to raise tissue temperatures sufficiently to promote new collagen growth (Neocollagenesis), which is necessary for any lasting results. It has been shown that Neocollagenesis occurs ONLY when the tissues are heated to 60-70C. ThermiVa absolutely does not heat tissues to 60-70C, but only achieves perhaps 45-50 degrees Celsius. By heating the vaginal lining tissues, ThermiVa causes swelling, or edema. There is no scientific basis that supports the notion of ThermiVa producing long lasting results Fractional laser devices, such as Femi Lift by Alma lasers, actually have been shown through rigorous scientific study, to promote Neocollagenesis by heating the vaginal lining tissues to 60-70 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, Femi Lift also causes fractional ablation of the vaginal lining, resulting in regrowth of a thicker and more youthful vaginal lining. In my practice we have treated dozens of patients with Femi Lift and I have nor seen a single treatment failure. Furthermore, most, if not all of my stress urinary incontinence patients (mild to moderate severity) have completely resolved their SUI.

Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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ThermiVa treatments offered in Nashville Area

Great question.  Please visit the ThermiVa website to obtain more information on physicians providing the ThermiVa treatments in your area.  You may also be able to advise the ThermiVa reps that you are wanting this treatment in your area to allow them to make it readily available in the near future.  However should you have to travel it would be worth your travel time for the lifestyle change ThermiVa gives.  Good luck to you! 

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVa Providers in Nashville

Thank you for your question. You can visit the ThermiVa site to find a provider close to you. Now if there aren't any providers in close proximity, you may have to travel to have the treatment done.

Henry Mentz, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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