I am 9 days postoperative from breast implants from saline to gel under the muscle (Photo)

Was afraid I slowed or hampered my healing beacaue not over 10 lbs left and light duty until 2 weeks I know I'm close but don't want to do anything to mess my surgery up I was cleaning up water up at our factory for about 5 hours I tried to be careful now I'm somewhat worried now I am 9 days postoperative had to do some bending and some lifting cleaning up water from the floors for about 5 hours I tried to be careful but I had to do it

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Healing issues

You appear to have some delayed wound healing at your incision sites.  This is probably not related to light activity.  It could be related to medications, medical history or diet.  You should see your surgeon and they can help you with conservative management in the healing process.

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