Can you please tell me why after 2 tummy tucks, my upper abdomen area is still fat as ever? What is causing this? (Photo)

I really hope that I can get an answer so that my doctor whom works at one of the best hospitals here in Nashville can help. I got a tummy tuck on June 8 and immediately afterwards I noticed upper stomach fullness that I did not have before. After complaining about my disatisfaction, he did another tummy tuck on August 31 to correct it. I still have the same issue. I am 3 weeks post op and my upper stomach is still fat and looks a mess. Please help. I can't be cut open again for a third time.

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Early result after revision abdominoplasty

It is too early to make appropriate evaluation of your result. However, it appears that more aggressive liposuction of upper abdomen and flanks, possibly some other areas, is needed. Depending of the type of abdominoplasty performed some surgeons are hesitant to be too aggressive with liposuction to avoid problems with skin necrosis and skin loss. It may be wise to wait 6 months after your last procedure before undergoing further revision.

You should discuss this issue with your surgeon and eventually consider a second opinion consultation with another, reputable board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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Can you please tell me why after 2 tummy tucks, my upper abdomen area is still fat as ever?

Although your concerns are understandable, I would suggest ongoing patience.  Remember that you are only three weeks out of surgery and that,  regardless of exactly what type of revisionary surgery was done, some amount of swelling is to be expected.  

Exactly what your long-term outcome will look like will depend on  the preoperative cause of the upper abdominal wall distention as well as exactly what procedure was performed. Therefore, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to providing you with an accurate assessment, advice, meaningful predictions and/or reassurance.  Best wishes.

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