Tenderness and Tightness After Liposuction and Inner Leg Lift

My plastic surgeon has given up and passed me off. I have tenderness and tightness where he went agressive on liposuction on my inner thighs as I didn't have a lot. He said he has gone more agressive on others with good results and no pain.

It is 5 weeks now. I still have swelling above my knees also. Pain and tenderness same in both legs. He is refering me to another plastic surgeon, as well a ct scan.

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Tenderness and Tightness After Liposuction and Inner Leg Lift

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It is always difficult to comment in the absence of photos.

However, as you are only at 5 weeks postop I wonder why all the panic.

Your liposuctioned zones are in the earliest stages of healing and nearly everyone would have tightness and tenderness at this time.

You might want to try massaging these areas 8 or 10 times a day. Also try to be as active as possible - movement helps to stretch out the tightness.

Good luck!

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