I Have Tenderness All Around the Edge of Implants Still After 4 months, Will This End?

Will I ever be totally pain free? Surgeon was happy at 3month check, but I am getting tired of pain and can't lie on front still at 4months .

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Pain four months after breast augmentation

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It is somewhat rare to have consistent pain 4 months after breast augmentation.  If it is getting better than I would wait longer.  I am a proponent of massage especially for pain since part of the pain sensory process is getting your brain and body to get used to changes that have occured after surgery.

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Pain After Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, the key to accurate diagnosis is physical examination;  without this exam your online consultants can only speculate as to the etiology of your unusual symptoms.  I would suggest follow-up with your plastic surgeon for  evaluation. A second opinion(if necessary) may also be helpful to determine the etiology of your discomfort.


Pain 4 months after breast augmentation

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I must say that your case is quite unusual. The nerve distribution of the breast would be difficult to chart in that shape. Short of some element of capsular contracture forming, I am not sure what the cause is. If your breast remains soft, then a referral to a neurologist for an evaluation and possibly getting started on medications like Neurontin might be indicated until it gets better.

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