Is a Tender, Soft Bulge Around my Navel Normal for 7 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck? Is swelling usually mushy? (photos)

I have a bulge on each side of my navel, the right side being larger. It is soft and tender to the touch; and moves from one side to the other when I press on it. My doctor says it is swelling that is normal for 7 weeks post tummy tuck. Is swelling usually mushy like this? (See photos) My doctor says it is not a seroma. I can easily suck in to a pretty flat stomach and I can feel my 'six-pack,' which is great, but I can also still feel the bulge. I am worried!

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Seroma after TT

I would agree that this is very suspicious for a Seroma, which is a defined fluid collection. It is not uncommon after TT. I recommend following up with your plastic surgeon and voicing your concerns.  It is easily treatable.

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Tummy Tuck Swelling

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description the mobile  area of swelling is most likely a seroma. What you may be feeling is a “fluid wave”, a classic physical finding consistent with seroma.  I was just continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon and repeat your concerns regarding the area.  He/she will be able to give you more accurate advice based on direct examination.

Best wishes.

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Fluid Present

What you describe certainly sounds like a fluid collection, or seroma.  Generalized swelling does not move from side to side.  Your surgeon should know best, but I usually just try aspirating the fluid with a needle and a syringe to find the answer.  It's quite simple and painless.  

Brian M. Braithwaite, MD
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I think it is a seroma.

It is difficult to tell without touching or feeling the area you are concerned about, but I think it is a  seroma.  Ultimately your physician has the benefit of examining you to determine what it is.  Follow your physicians instructions and recommendations.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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