Temporary Solutions for Ptosis Until the Operation?

since my surgeon said the eyelids will very likely not be out of a ptotic range by the end of the healing process (if we were to wait 1 year), we are planning to do another ptosis repair (levator approach) at about the 3 months post-op period from the last one. is there a temporary solution for the ptosis in the meanwhile so that can I read for a long time without needing to rest my eyes every few minutes? should i avoid driving in the meanwhile if my eyes get tired fast?

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Not sure you are getting the best advice here.

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It is true that about 20% of those undergoing ptosis surgery benefit from revisional surgery.  However, it is unusual to preplan for that revisional surgery since only 2 out of 10 or less may need that.  I would recommend that before committing yourself to have surgery with the surgeon you have seen that you consider getting some additional opinions.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS.org) maintains a geographical directory of highly qualified oculoplastic surgeons who can help you with this problem.

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