Temporary Filler on Sides Nose-bridge To Supplement Past Surgery- What Are The Risks?

I have had several nose jobs done. The result is not very good. My skin is now thin and red and you can see the implant in the nose-bridge well. I would like to have de sides of the nose-bridge filled with a temporary filler so it looks more natural. Are there any risks involved?

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NSNJ for the Sides of the Nose

Hi there,


I wouldn't recommend filler for the "sides" of a nose. Typically we only inject the filler to the bridge or tip. Injecting into the sides of a nose can cause a lumpy, bumpy, wider looking nose. However, it may be possible that by injected filler to the bridge of the nose, the sides will in fact be less noticeable and the nose will take a more symmetrical look. 

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Nonsurgical revision rhinoplasty may be a appropriate

Hi Pieterbas;

Nonsurgical revision rhinoplasty may be a appropriate.  But you need a "demo" first.  If you are not happy with the prior rhinoplasties, I could see why you would be attracted to a nonsurgical solution.  For many people, nonsurgical revision rhinoplasty has been a very practical, safe, and economical solution, which ended the need for any more surgery. 

You noted that your skin is very thin, red, and you can see the implant in the nose bridge well.  That raises another issue as to whether or not there is some infection or abnormal reaction, so that needs to be checked out.  The skin should not be red.  With respect to having the sides of the nose filled with temporary fillers like Juvederm so it looks more natural, that can be done if, in fact, what you are saying that your depressions are dips or divots which, when filled, would make the shape of the nose more natural. 

There are very few risks involved with today's fillers whether they are temporary or permanent.  The biggest negative about the temporary fillers is, of course, that they are temporary.  They work well.  There is little chance of tissue reaction.  There is almost no history of infection with these.  Permanent fillers, of course, have a big advantage of being with you for the rest of your life.  As more and more patients find the need for fillers, they also realize that in the end, they are probably better off having a permanent filling injection rather than a temporary filling injection.  I am not sure which injection materials are available in The Netherlands, but I am sure your consulting doctors can tell you.

In summary, you need to be checked out to find out what is happening in that part of the nose where the skin is thin and red because if so, and particularly in the face of being able to see the implant, it may not be appropriate to put the filler injection in that particular location.

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