What do you know about temporary expansion implants and do I need them?

my breasts sag and are very far apart - farther apart then I've seen on any of the before/after photos I've looked at. The most recent surgeon I spoke to suggested a two part surgery. 1) lift and putting in temporary skin expander implants then 2) replacing the temps with perm implants. I haven't seen much written about this option and am wondering if anyone has any feedback about it. Is it new? Successful? I really don't even want implants - I'm content with small breasts and possibly even not ever having any real cleavage. Mostly I want the sag to be gone. Is it possible to push the breast tissue up into the top of the breast and lift the entire thing? Any suggestions anyone has would be helpful. I'm 36, it's time. Thanks!

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Please send your pictures

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It is hard to give you good answer without pictures. You may have tubular breast and also breast sagging. This is difficult problem to fix with implants. I do Mastopexy and fat grafting for this condition . This helps the cleavage and also prevents the problems with the implant in this condition. You can check my web site for examples.

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Temporary expansion implants with breast lift

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You do not hear much about temporary implants with a breast lift as there should be little need to expand the already sagging breast. For one who does not even want breast implants, you should focus on breast lift alone and look for another opinion.

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Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Tuberous breast correction

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It sounds like you have a tubeorus breast deformity and your doctor is recommending two stages for correction.  This is commonly done for severe cases.  If you don't want implants, I suggest discussing this with your surgeon.  In some cases, there is not enough breast tissue to move it into the upper pole of the breast.  However, only your surgeon can determine this for you.  Good luck, /nsn.

Breast lift or temporary expander implants?

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It is difficult to know what is going on without photos, but it sounds like you might have a tuberous breast deformity.  If that is the case, reconstruction with implants can be complex, and in severe cases may require expanders to stretch and shape the breast prior to inserting permanent implants in addition to a breast lift to "telescope" in a protruding areola and lift it into a better position.  However, if you are happy enough with your current size and the distance between your breasts that you simply want to improve the sagging and avoid the use of implants, you could have a breast lift in an attempt to reshape the breast using your own tissue.  Again, this depends on what your breast looks like now.

Expander implants for breasts far apart

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Without more information it is impossible to make a specific recommendation, but if tissue expansion is needed then there is also an implant which is also an expander. It is called Spectrum and made by Mentor. I have used it often for tubular breast shape which may be what you are describing.

Richard Baxter, MD
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