I now have a temporary crown after suspicion of cracked tooth syndrome. Still painful?

The guess that I had a cracked tooth syndrome, I now have a temporary crown. My doctor told me not to eat with the temporary crown side and 5 days has passed. However, the tooth is still painful when I press on it with my finger. Does it mean that it wasn't a cracked tooth, it was and it was a deep crack, or was it any of the suggestions on the last post? What's next?!

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I now have a temporary crown after suspicion of cracked tooth syndrome. Still painful?

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The temporary crown does not protect the tooth and crack as much as the final restoration. I wouldn't judge based on the temporary crown. Many times when we suspect cracked syndrome, but don't know for sure if a root canal will be necessary, the dentist will make the crown, but only cement it temporarily. Then give the new crown some time to see if the pain goes away. If it doesn't, then the crown can be removed (because the dentist only used temporary cement), and a root canal can be done, and then the crown can be permanently cemented. However, if all the pain settles down and you can eat and chew on it, then the dentist would just need to remove the temporarily cemented crown at a later date, clean it up inside, and then permanently cement it back into place without the root canal being needed.

If in doubt about cracked tooth syndrome, best to see an endodontist (root canal specialist) and get tested and a second opinion on whether to do the root canal or wait for healing or greater symptoms.

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