Can temporary cement be used on a porcelain crown?

Had a temp crown place on tooth #31. Since then I have been experiencing throbbing around jawline extending to throat area for 2 weeks. The dentist who placed the temp crown thought I may need a root canal and suggested I seek an evaluation from an endodontist. The endodontist does not think I need a root canal but suggested my dentist place the permanent crown with temp. cement to see if it relieves my discomfort. My dentist said that it can't be done with a porcelain crown. Is this true?

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Can temporary cement be used on a porcelain crown?

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The endodontist is right and so is your dentist.  It would be nice if your dentist could just temporarily cement the all ceramic crown however there are certain types of all ceramic crowns that cannot be cemented temporarily.  The temporary cement does not support some all ceramic crowns enough and as a aresult can easily cause breakage.  This type of breakage should not occur when they are permanently cemented.
There are some types of ceramic crowns that can be temporarily cemented, but obviously your dentist did not use one of those types of ceramic for your crown. 
That being said, your dentist has just two options.  Permanently cement the new all ceramic crown and hope your symptoms dissipate with time.  Or else leave the temporary crown on longer to make the determination on whether or not to do a root canal.

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