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Last year I got one of my back left teeth pulled out. As a result, My inner cheek gets sucked in and when I chew ,sleep or pretty much anything that requires me moving my mouth I get this line in my left inner cheek which is painful and it sometimes it bleeds. Will I need braces to close in the part the missing tooth? If not please explain why and other options. Please help me. *I have no pictures because there in my mouth lol*

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Many options available

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It sounds like there are a number of ways to address your concerns.  You could speak to an orthodontist about closing the space.  Your options for closing the space would depend on the size of the space.  Small spaces can be closed with aligners (Invisalign, for example).  Larger spaces would require fixed braces on the front or back of your teeth and can be metal or clear.  Replacing the tooth is also a good option (especially if you are happy with where the rest of your teeth are).  This can be done with a dental implant or a bridge.  A dentist or a prosthodontist would be the person to speak to about those options.

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Sounds like a bridge would work well for you...

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If the tooth that is missing is in the back, but not the last tooth, then you would be a great candidate for a dental bridge.  Clear aligners are a great tool for closing gaps, but gaps as larger as a molar (back tooth).  In my professional opinion, a bridge would definitely be your best bet.   Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

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