Is it normal to have a severe feeling of vice like tightness 5 weeks post op following a sonobello lift?

5 weeks post op of Sonobello Facelift. Having severe discomfort --vise like tightness which worsens as the day goes on. Motrin, narcotics, Arnicare, ice and heat do not relieve the discomfort.The skin on my face is not tight despite the tightness sensation. I still have jowls which go away when I pull the skin in front of my ear. Pain is less than week 1. When I addressed this with Jennifer PA who then discussed with Dr Fink, they just gave me a Rx for another narcotic. Any suggestions?

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Make an appointment

it's best to make an appointment to see your doctor to have your questions answered if you are not satisfied with the response. You are still very early in your post op course and tightness can still be felt. It is a good sign that the pain is decreasing.

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Lifestyle lift

I personally worked for lifestyle lift and can not real any patient needing narcotics at 5 weeks. Your jowls should have been corrected with a facelift. You may want a second opinion. Most patients use narcotics for the first 3-5 days after a facelift.

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