I had breast augmentation surgery nearly 2 years ago and am still having trouble with tingly sensitivity in my nipples?

The feeling is like being numb somewhere and knowing its being touched but it feels tingly and uncomfortable. My nipples feel numb still and extremely sensitive still. For example, when under my shower head, the water hitting my nipples feels uncomfortable. sometimes I feel like my nerves are having spasms. Is this normal?

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I had breast augmentation surgery nearly 2 years ago and am still having trouble with sensitivity in my nipples?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your altered nipple sensation.  Unfortunately your symptoms are not the norm and by two years it is unlikely that they will change.  I would discuss your symptoms with your surgeon as your options would be to live with your current implants and hope for some form of improvement with time, or have the implants removed to see if that corrects your symptoms.  Best wishes. 

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There is still a possibility that your nerve symptoms may improve.  I would discuss your progress with your surgeon and your options moving forward.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Ali Mosharrafa

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Numb after Breast Augmentation

After two years if this still exists it is unlikely it will resolve. The nerve in some way is stretched or maybe there is scar surrounding it. If feeling does not return by 6-12 months it is usually permanent. I am so sorry that you are having this problem. Your surgeon knows you better than any of us because they were there for the surgery and may have an explanation that we can't possibly have for you. Best of luck.



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Tingling nerves?

Hello Selma. The nerves in your breasts were stretched by the breast implant expanding your breast tissue to your new cup and as a result it sounds like you're having tingling sensations and numbness. Bigger breast implants, especially bigger than 350 cc place individuals at higher risks of having these types of symptoms. I would suggest you speak with your plastic about your breast size and consider some options. I have placed patients on Gabapentin or Lyrica and this can improve the feeling in the nerves. If a trial of these medications does not work then perhaps considering down sizing your breast implants would be another option. 

Best wishes, Dr. ALDO :)

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Numbness in nipples two years after surgery

Generally, most changes in innervation have occurred by two years after surgery. The hypersensitivity you describe can be quite annoying. I have dealt with this problem in the past by trying local anesthesia on the nipples, either topical or by injection. If the patient finds this to be much more comfortable , permanent desensitizion may be considered .

James H. Rogers, MD
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Sensory change

Thank you for the question and one of the things i routinely tell my patients at their initial consultation is there may be sensory changes associated with breast surgery, not only sensory loss but increased sensation and not necessarily pleasant increased sensation but the good news is this usually decreases with time.

Dr. Corbin

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