Drooping lower lid. When should I seek surgical repair? (Photo)

I had a facelift and a blepharoplasty one month ago. My right I is severely drooping. How long should I wait before I seek out surgical repair?

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Significant lower eyelid ectropion-retraction after blepharoplasty

Unfortunately it appears you have severe lower eyelid ectropion and retraction. Although best to wait about 3 months before eyelid revision ectropion surgery, there are some things that can and should be done in the meantime. See an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.

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Drooping following lower blepharoplasty

It depends on your cornea. In general it is best to wait 4-6 months since this tends to get better over time. If the exposure is causing problems with the cornea then we are forced to try to repair it acutely. The sooner we try to repair it, the bigger the surgery that is required so it is to your advantage to wait.

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Drooping lower eyelid

I would recommend you see your surgeon if you haven't recently. You will need to massage the lid up, consider taping the lid, and make sure you protect the eye with lubrication. Occasionally steroid eye drops are needed. Close follow up with your surgeon is very important. Revision surgery may be necessary, but since you are only one month out from surgery, these conservative treatments usually resolve the problem.

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See Surgeon

Thank you so much for reaching out and posting pictures. Unfortunately it does look like Ectropion, which as mentioned before you were more prone to from previous Bells Palsy. I would definitely recommend you see your surgeon for post op care and options on correction. Be sure at night to use lubricants to avoid the eye drying out and massages. Your surgeon will be able to go over all of that with you. Best of luck. Dr. Kachenmeister

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Drooping lower lid post-op

Unfortunately you were pre-disposed to having an ectropion if you also had a bell's palsy.  If the tissues are loose with enough skin and no internal scarring this can be fixed with a good cosmetic result.  Best is to wait 4-6 months for healing to be complete.  Use a lot of lubricants for now and massage the area up. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Droopy lower eyelid

Thank you for your question.  First of all, the eyelid malposition can be corrected with excellent functional and aesthetic results.  Depending on the cause of your condition, the surgeon generally waits for several weeks before revisional surgery is performed and until the tissues have healed and stabilized. 

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Your original surgeon is not going to be able to repair this.

This is not simple ectropion.  Simply doing a lateral canthoplasty will not repair this.  The fix for this is extremely specialized. The weight of the cheek needs to be lifted so it is not pulling on the lower eyelid.  To avoid a skin graft the work is done from behind the lower eyelid.  I have developed specialized methods to make these corrections.  Ideally it is best to let the tissues heal about 6 months before making the repairs.  Occasionally the work will be done sooner if there is corneal exposure and breakdown.  The cited free ebook on eyelid surgery below has detailed information regaling how this work is performed.

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Sagging lower lid following surgery

This condition is known as ectropion. Because your condition is somewhat extreme it is unlikely to resolve without surgery. Therefore I suggest that you seek help from a qualified surgeon without delay.

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Drooping lower lid. When should I seek surgical repair? (Photo)

Thank you for your question.  You should see your plastic surgeon to have your eye assessed and be given therapeutic treatment instructions to help heal the area.  This may include taping for support, massage etc. 

Best of Luck,

Dr. K.

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