Dressings on the incisions after a Mommy makeover?

My DR placed gauze/dressings and an oily medicated dressings over my breast, tummy tuck scar, and belly button after my mommy makeover and told mr to change them 2x/day while adding neosporin. I haven't had any discharge, pain, irritation from the sites but how long must I continue to cover the incisions? Its been 6 days and everything seems to be healing perfectly

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Incision care

Since every surgeon has his or her own unique post op protocol, you need to ask your surgeon when exactly you can stop covering your incisions. Glad to hear that you are healing well. 
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Mommy makeover

Congrats on having a successful surgery and the best person to answer your question will be your own PS who operated on you.  We each have different postoperative care/routine and it seems you are doing well from following your PS's instructions.

Anh Lee, MD
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Dressing Change and Ointment on incision

Thank you for your question and Congratulations on having a successful Mommy Makeover experience.  Every physician has their own protocol for post operative care.  You should contact your surgeon's office to inquire on what your next plan of care should be.  Best of Luck to you.     

Camille Cash, MD
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Follow your own surgeon stressing instructions after mommy makeover.

There is no particular standard for managing wounds after mommy makeover. Your surgeon has his own reasons for your regimen and you should follow his instructions.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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AS long as your doctor recommends


Thanks for the question.  You should adhere to your surgeons recommendations.  They are not asking you to do it to make your life difficult.  They are doing it because they want your results to be AWESOME, just like you do.  So there might be a couple seemingly annoying things for you to do, but in the long run its in your best interest.  If you have major concerns ask your surgeon.  

Good Luck

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Dressing Changes

Thank you very much for your question.

Every doctor has their own protocols for dressings following surgery (I do something very different with my incisions).  It's probably best to call your doctor's office to ask about what you should be doing and for how long.  Best of luck!

Michael A. Epstein, MD, FACS
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