Bandage your incision sites (photo)

How long should you keep your incision sites .. breast, tummy, belly button .. Covered in gauze? I'm 5 days post op, no bleeding, no pain or soreness but wondering should I keep them bandaged after every dressing change?

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Incision care

Since every surgeon has his or her own unique post op protocol, you need to ask your surgeon. 
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Post Operative Care

Congratulations on your successful Mommy Makeover.  Every surgeon has his/her own post operative care instructions to follow.  You should contact your surgeon's office directly to be advised on what your next plan of care should be at this time.  Best of luck to you!

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Tummy tuck


Thanks for the question.  There is no right answer.  Technically the skin will "waterseal" itself in 48 hours. At that time dressings can usually come off and you can shower.  If you are having drainage though you should continue with the dressings. Other factors like the type of suture used, or whether glue was used also factor into it.  Best thing is to discuss with your surgeon.  i would continue the dressings for now until you see them in the office or speak with them over the phone and hear differently.  

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Please follow your surgeon's instructions. If you have lost or forgotten them, please call his/her office and ask to speak to the nurse. Every surgeon has his/her preference about dressings.

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Should be ok

I do not feel that a dressing is necessary at this point, especially if you do not have any drainage.   Jane

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Postoperative Dressings

Thank you very much for your question, and thank you for sharing the photo.

Every doctor has their own protocol for dressings after a procedure, and I don't want to recommend something that is against what your doctor would want.  It's probably best to call your doctor's office and ask what they would like you to do.  Best of luck!

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