April 20th 2016; I had a tempral lift bleph on top lids, lower face lift and mesh chin implant. What can I do?

It's been Two Months and My Left lip is still Weak I can't Smile showing my teeth . It's Still crooked . My PS is Not Concerned at all is their Any facial exercises I can Do to help? I want my Teeth smile back. And I talk a lil different due to the Numbness. And it's still hard to laugh. Any thing I can do???

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Smile change and Numbness after Chin Implant

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Dear seleste21, I would be concerned that you still have numbness and weakness in the chin area that you have some nerve intervention with the chin implant. I suggest revisiting your surgeon and explain your concerns you may need the implant removed and opt for a different style and size. Not a fan of mesh implants. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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