Telangiectasias Caused by Hydroquinone Cream

Derm prescribed retin-a and hydroquinone to get rid of brown spots from a chemical peel. After 5 months brown spots faded but Im left with 2 small red marks. New derm said it was broken blood vessels from the hydroquinone. Now Im just using retin-a. Since retin-a stimulates collagen will this help to make those blood vessels less noticable?

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Telangiectasia are common side effects from cortisone creams but not from hydroquinone

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hydroquinone is not known to cause telangiactasia ( broken blood vessels) so I doubt that is the cause. Both retin-a and hydroquinone can cause irritation of the skin which might make a pre-existing blood vessel more visible .i wouldn't recommend using retin-a in hopes of stimulating collagen to cover visible blood vessels as retin-a is known to stimulate blood vessels also and some physicians think it may cause broken blood vessels 

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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