Day and Night Nose Difference?

Hello Doctors, I'm 28 yr old male with quite thick skin nose, 3 years ago i did rhinoplasty . After that i injected 3 times with diprospan and got radiesse, there is a huge difference between the morning till 2-3 pm and evening. In the first half of day looks like the dorsum is shorter and rotated and accordingly the tip looks thicker and more bulbous while in the second half of day the dorsum and bridge looks higher and longer a bit less rotated and tip looks thinner and more defined . Why ?

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Day and Night Nose Difference?

Dear Igalok,

Thank you for your question.  Swelling can cause these issues.  As you laydown, the pressure to your face is higher and swelling accumulates.  This drains during the day as your head is elevated.  If you sleep with your head elevated, you will have less swelling in the morning.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Perhaps it is because of swelling


Thank you for the question.  When you sleep at night you lay down and more swelling accumulates in the tissues of your nose.  By the end of the day, as you have been upright, the swelling goes away and the shape and appearance of your nose changes.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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