I am 8 months post Fit and Fut hair transplant please advise is consequence normal so on or not? (photos)

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It is best to follow up with your doctor for post surgery results. When you don't have a before photo or have

It is best to follow up with your doctor for post surgery results.  When you don't have a before photo or have information of what was done it would not be possible to appreciate the results.

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I wanted to answer this question and also educate the public as to what FIT, FUE, and FUT, etc.  is. 

FUT is follicular unit transplantation. This is the "strip method" or the linear strip excision.

FIT is follicular isolation technique which is exactly the same as FUE which is follicular unit extraction. 

FUE is follicular unit extraction.  This is the individual extraction of follicular units in leiu of the linear scar method.

The take home message is that in FUE there are a plethora of acronyms for the same procedure. NEOGRAFT, ARTAS, CIT, SIT, etc. These techniques use the same principles for extraction of follicular units whether its manually or by using a robot. 

The experience in FUE is what counts the most for a great transplant.

In my opinion you are getting growth from your procedure.

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At 8 months

without your pre operative photos it is hard to tell, but at the 8 month period you should have at least 80% of the expected growth from your procedure. You should have a follow up with the surgeon who performed your procedure to review your pre operative photos and judge your progress.

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8 months after FUE surgery

At 8 months after FUE surgery, you should have 80%+ of the results showing now. You look normal to me

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