Do I have to remove the nasal dressing one day post rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Yesterday at 6PM I got a nose job in Tehran. They put on a nasal dressing/packing (a sterile gauze) on my nose to stop the blood from coming out, that was removed twice. Now the packing is full of dried and fresh blood. However, as the clinic is not open today, they will only take remove it in two days. I once tried to remove it by myself, bit it's sticky and I am afraid to influence the result. I called them and they told me not to do anything until Sunday. What should I do? Is this normal?

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Do Not Remove Dressings Yourself

I'm sorry your dressing and nasal packing are making you uncomfortable. However, it's imperative that you do not attempt to remove the packing yourself. This must be done in your surgeon's office to make sure it's removed safely. As another respondent suggested, if you're really experiencing a lot of discomfort, you can try visiting the emergency department of your local hospital to see a doctor there. Otherwise, try to be patient and distract yourself from the discomfort until your surgeon's office is open next. Best of luck to you.

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Listen to your doctor

You should listen to your doctor that operated  you  24 hours ago,  not  random strangers on  the internet.   That said,  you  definitely should not attempt to remove nasal packing at home by yourself.   Again,  without giving specfic advice in your case,  i typically instruct patients to use nasal saline spray and antibiotic ointment to loosen dried blood and  mucus.   

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Removing Dressing Yourself.

Thank you for your question. I understand your situation and how uncomfortable you must be. My advise is if your physicians staff told you to wait, wait. It is best you don't do anything on your won without the supervision of medical staff. If your nasal dressing becomes unbearable and uncomfortable, i would recommend you go to the nearest hospital and see a physician in the emergency room. Best of luck to you, hope this helped.

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