Filler injection right on the eyeshadow space below the eyelid crease. Any suggestions?

Hi doctors,is it possible to inject HA fillers right on the eyelids?! After a virus infection my eyes have shrinked like 2 empty pockets! A dermatologist said he has injected fat in that area , if possible please tell me what the risks are and what the eyelids will look like cause its a very delicate area and the eyelids determine the shape of the eyes...

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Reverse Tear trough injections

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Yes, it is possible to inject this area.  However you need to be very careful and use an injector who has experience with this area.  You may even want to consider consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon. Placing filler in this area can improve the sunken look.  Risks including lumps, excessive swelling, infection, and rarely damage to the orbital structures and the eye itself

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