Tegerderm and Steri Strip Allergies After Mastopexy. 3 Weeks In!

I had the mastopexy procedure 3 weeks ago. I saw the surgeon 6 days after the operation and I complained of unbearable itching. The dressing was removed and then placed clean dressing back on. This dressing was more clear. When I got home I could see why I was so itchy. I was covered in small blisters, a angry red rash every where. 2 weeks after that my wounds are unpleasant with the T section being one complete open Massive patch of raw wound. Should the surgeon really of used more dressing??

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Tegerderm and Steri Strip Allergies After Mastopexy

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It does sound like you may have an allergic reaction to one or both dressings. And it appears that a different type of dressing was used by your surgeon when a problem was recognized.

It is not uncommon after breast reduction or mastopexy to have some breakdown at the intersection of  the vertical and horizontal incisions, and these pretty much always heal with no bad sequellae. 

A photo would be useful in terms of offering any particular advice.

Thanks for your question. Follow  up with your surgeon. Best wishes. 


Seattle Plastic Surgeon


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Without a picture or exam we cannot give you adequate information. You need to talk to your surgeon about your concerns. Make sure you keep area clean and nothing touches your wound. Make an apt with your PS to get evaluated.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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