What's the average cost for laser whitening at the dentist's office?

Are some methods of tooth whitening at the dentist office more affordable than others?

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Laser Whitening cost?

Laser whitening cost ranges from $600-700. The results are well above the results received from other whitening systems. So it is normally more expensive than most other whitening systems. However, if promotions are offered, it is advisable to take advantage of the offer, while it is available.

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Teeth whitening cost?

In office teeth whitening systems can run from Free to $600 depending on office promotions. All the whitening systems will use a bleaching agent that is placed directly on the tooth. This agent may require a light (ZOOM, Laser) or may not. Consult with your dentist to see which system is best for you.

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How much cost is involved with teeth whitening

  • The over the counter is the least expensive but has the most problems and side effects and least desirable outcome 
  • The take home kit is the second inexpensive one
  • in office whitening is the most expensive.

The best is to use the in office whitening such as ZOOM , and then touch up and maintain with take home touch u kits. 

As far as price it really depends on the area, and the promotional offers dentist present to keep existing clients happy and bring in new business. So it can range from FREE to 600-700 dollars.

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Laser zoom britesmile bleaching whitening- does it work?

Using a laser or high intensity "white" light to whiten teeth with a bleaching gel has become very popular. ZOOM and BRITESMILE are two very popular products/techniques. I have had both in my office. I gave the BriteSmile machine back. The Zoom machine sits in the corner of my storeroom. Gordon Christianson and Clinical Research Associates( a highly respected , independent, non-profit research group) came to the conclusion that laser/light assisted bleaching did not work any better than doing it with no light or laser.  It appeared impressive due to a temporary and transitory dehydration of the teeth. We now use tray bleaching only and prvide it for our patients at no charge once they have completed treatment.

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Tooth Whitening at the Dental Office

Laser whitening has also been referred to as Zoom, or, BrightSmile, or other types of in office teeth whitening where a "light" is used. Sometimes a laser is used, but more commonly a halogen, or LED light is used as a catalyst to speed up the whitening process.  The cost is dependent most on the area you live  and the specific technology being used to whiten.  The average cost listed at on RealSelf is $400 and I would agree that is in the ballpark.  In my office this type of whitening ranges between $279-600.  The least expensive type of in office whitening is the LED which can provide pretty good results for most people.  There is a video below showing this technology being used in our office.

Laser whitening at the dentist office

There are 3 types of whitening available

1) Tray whitening - impression are taken and the dentist will dispense tubes of bleach that you use at home to whiten your tooth - least expensive option

2) Zoom or laser whitening - 2 hour appointment to quickly achieve that the trays would get you in 2 weeks.  Requires maintenance  2-3 times monthly to keep the result - 400-600 dollars approximately

3)KoR Deep Bleaching - for dark or stained teeth.  Dramatic difference.  Requires 2 in office visits and 2-4 weeks as home.  Once a month maintenance required.  Color never changes. Can drink coffee, tea, etc.  Most expensive butthe best option available

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