Teeth Whitening System Without Hurting Gums?

This system cost £260 but I don't want to damage my healthy gums. What should I do?


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Dentist distributed whitening products won't damage gums

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The products dispensed from a dental office may cause some temporary discomfort to the teeth or gums, but no permanent damage will result. The teeth may ache from dehydration, which will reverse in 24 hours when they fully rehydrate, and the gums may turn white from the chemical interaction of the gel on the tissue, which will go away in a matter of hours. Neither scenario is permanent.

It is important to use only enough gel to fill the trays and remove any excess. After usage, some vitamin E applied directly on the tissue may help.

Whitening without gum sensitivity

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First, rest assured that if you are using a whitening system guided by your dentist, the whitening gel will not damage your gums. When the gel gets on your gums, it can irritate them, causing them to hurt. However, no permanent damage will result. To keep the gel off of your gums, use only a tiny drop of gel for each tooth, and if you see the gel push out to touch your gums, wipe that gel off of your gums. If your tray does not fit snugly, ask your dentist to make a new tray that will not allow the gel to run out onto your gums.

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