Is Teeth Whitening Permanent or Do You Have to Keep Getting It Done? Which Techniques Do You Recommend?

I am thinking about getting my teeth whitened and was just wondering is it a permanent fix or do you have to keep getting it done? Also which method has best results?

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Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution

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Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution . You need to maintain with touch up kits or repeat the procedure as often as recommended by the product manufacturer, and the dentist.

All methods can be good and bad. The product/system is not the issue, the individual's condition and needs are the dictating factor when it comes to choosing  the best method. 

Orange County Dentist

Teeth Whitening is NOT permanent

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Just as food, drinks and smoking will stain natural teeth, it will do the same to bleached teeth.

We recommend ZOOM in-office bleaching to get very dramatic changes, much more than is obtainable using over-the-counter bleaches such as Crest WhiteStrips, etc.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Results of Teeth Whitening can last a long time

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When done properly and with proper follow up care, teeth whitening can last a very long time after the initial procedure.  Many factors can influence how long the effects last such as:

1.type of initial staining of teeth

2. Thickness of enamel

3. Diet/ amount of red wine, coffee, colas, (colored drinks).

You should have a discussion with your cosmetic dentist to choose the type of whitening which will work best for you and strategies on how to have the effects last the longest.  All the best.


Giri Palaniswamy, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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Teeth can stain again over time

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There are many options when it comes to teeth whitening.  The in-office procedures usually get you the best and quickest results.  We use Zoom! Teeth whitening in our office and are very pleased with the results, as are our patients. Teeth can stain again over time.  It depends a lot on a person’s diet.  Red Wine, Juices, soda, sauces, coffee, and cigarettes stain your teeth.  If you are able to avoid these things or brush right after, your results will last longer.

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Teeth Whitening Can Be a Permenant Solution with Touch Ups

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The correct teeth whitening system varies according to three factors:

  • The condition of the patients' teeth before whitening
  • The amount of money the patient wants to spend on the whitening process
  • The desired results the patient is looking for in the end.

We offer Kor Whitening which is deep bleaching and is the strongest out there and I have seen it take out tetracycline stains that I thought would never come out.  We also offer, at a considerably less price,chairside whitening with Whiter Image,  It is great and patients are happy with the results. We send them home with a whitening pen for the guys and a Chic-Flic whitening pen and limp plumper gloss for the girls that is very cool for touchups.  We offer take home whitening with custom made trays that takes a little longer but does the trick also and it is  less expensive.  All of the whitening requires touch ups to keep your teeth white but what is the difference between getting your hair bleached? Does that no require maintance or touchups also?  So it can be permanent with maintaince touch ups!  Hope this helps you decide. 

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

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