Does Teeth Whitening Have Any Adverse Side Effects?

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Teeth whitening side effects

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The only side effect I see occasionally in my practice is sensitivity, mostly to cold. There is probably a lower incidence of side effects with dentist office products vs. over the counter ones because office patients are screened first and monitored, and treatments are customized to each person.

Cleveland Dentist

Very few side effects for tooth whitening

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When having your teeth whitened in a dentist administered environment, the only side effects are sensitivity and maybe some peroxide "burns" on the tissue. Both of these are temporary and go away within a day. There may be some unseen dehydration side effects if whitening is done too often. This may leave teeth  more sensitive over that time.The cure for this is to lay off bleaching until the enamel remineralizes.

Sheldon Seidman, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Teeth Whitening is not hazardous to your health

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Teeth whitening has no side effects that are harmful or permanent. Some tooth sensitivity is common but is not a real side effect. Its been done for decades in dental offices without any harmful side effects,or the ADA would have banned the use of it.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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The tooth whitening system we use does not have adverse side effects

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No. The tooth whitening system that we use in our office does not have any adverse side effects. Some patients have reported slight sensitivity to cold after they have their teeth whitened, which disappears after 24 hours. If it happens, we have them use a special fluoride gel and vitamin E and it goes away in just a day or so.

There can be side effects with teeth whitening

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The most common side effects to teeth whitening is sensitivity, usually to cold. Other times patients can experience a throbbing sensation to whitening.

There are products that can be used during treatment to help decrease these effects, along with medication. The degree of severity of these side effects can differ from person to person, however, and it is difficult to eliminate them completely.

Many times beauty has a price, but hopefully in the end your smile is improved and you will feel it was worth it!

Clinton Timmerman, DDS
West Des Moines Dentist

Supervised Professional Teeth Whitening has very few side effects

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Can't really say for sure about infomercial products or drug store gels (probably fine, but used at your own risk), but dentist administered products are very safe. Some people report sensitivity, but that is only temporary and experienced dentists have products to overcome this issue.

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