Teeth Shifted Considerably Since Braces Several Yrs Ago, Gaps + Overbite, Will Forcing Retainer Cause Damage/teeth to Fall Out?

Hi. I had braces several yrs ago & was a thumb sucker (thus the sole purpose of needing to get my teeth straightened) since havin braces off those several yrs ago I have fallen back into the habit of thumb sucking & stopped wearing my retainer. My teeth have moved considerably, I once again have an overbite & have two small, 1cm max, gaps btwn both teeth on either side of my 2 front teeth. Will forcing my old retainer in (which doesnt fit properly, air gaps) cause damage or my teeth to fall out?

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Forcing Retainer

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I wouldn't try to force your retainer back onto your teeth. You may damage your teeth or cause them to become painful.

Your best option is to have treatment again either traditional braces or Invisalign. I would recommend a permanent retainer this time around if you are not responsible to wear it every night.

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