Teeth Settling into Gums During Invisalign?

During Invisalign treatment is it common for teeth to settle down into the gum more and require additional procedures to correct the final bite?

I finished a 12 month Invisalign treatment plan and then the backs of my Invisalign trays were cut off to give the molars a chance to "float back up". After 6 months of this, the front teeth (teeth that were straightened) still hit first in a bite. My dentist wants to "build up" four back molars with composite filing to correct my bite. Is this approach typical?

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Teeth Settling into Gums During Invisalign?

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What your describing does happen. I tell my patient it can take 3-9mo for "settling to occur. I personally don't like the idea of building up back teeth so front teeth don't touch, but I don;t have all the info your doctor has about your case.

Sounds like your doctor wants to open up your bite. There are a number of way this can be done. If you need more info contact me.

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