Will my Teeth Return to Their Original Position and How Long Will That Take?

I actually prefer my teeth before the braces. I now have an underbite on one side and the midline of my front teeth is off. I didn't have this before. My orthodontist has told me I will have to put up with the underbite. It's too big for me to put up with and I prefer how they were before. I have had my brace on 1 year. If it is removed and I don't wear retainers: are my teeth very likely to return to their original position and how long could this take?

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Prefer teeth before, underbite now one side

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It sounds like your orthodontic treatment is not going so well, Would need more information to try to figure out why.  It is possible that the lower jaw may be growing more on one side than the other which can cause some underbite on one side and cause the midline to shift toward the other side.  If it is this type of asymmeatric jaw growth that is probably in your genetic code and the orthodontist can not control it.  It might be that some treatment effect from the mechanics being used with the braces may be causing some of the problem.  You might want to go to see some other orthodontic specialists and get their opinions and see if they think anything else can be done.   In severe asymmetric growth patterns jaw surgery is needed to get a full correction.   Just taking the braces off and hoping they go back probaly won't really work.  Might be good to get wome more opinions.

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