How Do Teeth Move?

The top part of the tooth broke off but the root is still in the gum. I am going to have it extracted. I have my wisdom tooth growing in right behind it. Will the wisdom tooth move into its place or will it mess up my straight teeth?

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Will Extracting a Broken Tooth Cause My Wisdom Tooth to Move Into Its Place or Will My Straight Teeth Get Crooked?

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Great question. Not knowing your age or seeing photographs and x-rays makes giving an accurate answer almost impossible but I can give you some general answers. It sounds like you broke a second molar (tooth just in front of your wisdom tooth). If the broken tooth can be fixed, that would be the best way to resolve the problem. If the tooth is not fixable or if extraction is the only option then whether the wisdom tooth will move into the missing second molar's position is dependent on several factors, including your age and the present position of the wisdom tooth. Will your currently straight teeth become crooked is dependent on whether the tooth or teeth above the tooth being extracted will continue to have a lower tooth to bite on. If there is an upper tooth that will not have a lower tooth to bite on because it is extracted then your upper tooth will hyper erupt (grow down) until it finds something to bite on. This will not only affect your previously straight teeth but could also adversely affect the health of your jaw joint.

Good luck!

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