Will Invisalign Express Work for Teeth with a Lot of Spaces?

My teeth have a lot of spaces. I would like to try invisalign. A dentist told me that I could use express invisalign, but for some reason I have reservations. Is it that easy to pull teeth together in such a short time?

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Spaces are often present for a reason

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Closing spaces orthodontically (with Invisalign Express®, regular or brackets) but keeping the spaces closed my be a challenge.  Spaces often mean something else.

Evaluation of airway, tooth size, tongue position/posture and facial symmetry should be considered and it may be found that closing spaces restoratively (with crowns or veneers) may be better.

Invisalign Express will close spaces for sure

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Each case is different but most of the time we can close most spaces with Express. He can do a work up in advance and let you know for sure before you start.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Spaces can be closed by Invisalign

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It is possible to close those spaces, but you need to consider other things.  If all the spaces are evenly spread and symmetrical, then closing them is easier.  If you have smaller than average teeth, (which is very common in people who have spacing, then you may want to consider bonding instead of, or in addition to the Invisalign.  There may be many ways to approach your treatment.  If you have reservations it never hurts to get a second opinion.  It may not be that one doctor is right or wrong, it may be that you like the plan with another better.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Invisalign to close space

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Whether or not you use invisalign or invisalign express will depend on the amount of space to be closed as well as your bite.  It will also depend on how the space is to be closed, (i.e. move both teeth together, hold one tooth and pull the other toward it), which your orthodontist will determine once he/she analyzes your treatment records. If you are having reservations, I would recommend seeing an orthodontist who is experienced with invisalign who can examine your teeth and bite and give you the best treatment options, which can include invisalign as well as fixed clear braces.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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