Teeth Implants or Braces?

Im 23 years old and my 2 front teeth stick out to the point that I cant even close my mouth and honestly I dont smile with confidance, but braces take too long and I been told that they can be uncomfortable and dont give you the best appereance, can implants be the best solution even though the teeth are in good shape?? If I wanted them removed and get implants can the dentist refuse to do it?? Thank you for your time!!

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Implants or Braces

It is hard to make a suggestion without seeing photos.  Generlly we recommend you try to keep your natural teeth whenever possible.  Sometimes we have to just suck it up and do the hard thing - braces.  It will be over before you know it.  If the teeth are really protrusive you may need to have your whole bite evaluated and implants can't be places in isolation of the rest of your mouth or bite.  It is possible to do implants  in some cases, hard to tell w/o photos.

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