I need 2 dental implants. I live in Philadelphia. Where is a good place with reasonable prices? (Photo)

I but a crab and the shell got caught in my gums and when I took it out my tooth was in it. Also a had 3 side/back teeth pulled, I just need to replace one of them to smile. I'm a pretty girl with shameful smile HELP!! I also want white teeth!!!!
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Costa Rica Tabash Dentistry

Due to Costa Rica’s lower tax rates and lower cost of living, our prices are much lower than what they would be in North America, even though most of the materials we use, including our dental implants, are made in that United States. We can guarantee that the quality of the treatment received here will be the same or better than in any other specialty clinic in the world. We can also guarantee that the prices we charge foreigners are the same prices we charge locals.

Costa Rica Dentist
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Dental implants

cost of the implant varies on many factors like brand of the implant, complexity of surgery, additional material required [eg. bone graft], reputation of dentist. so its very difficult to say anything about cost. but if u want to save money on implants , dental tourism is good option for u. u will save upto 80% . it is very popular for dental implants.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
India Dentist
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Good quality Dental implants at reasonable prices

The average cost of a Dental implant at our center is INR 21000/- ( $350).  And there are plenty of options for teeth whitening at a very reasonable price. 
Good luck.

Dental implants

Hi, thanks for the question... Many people find good budgets in countries like Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico, with high quality and excellent results. Evaluate different options and write to some doctors to see his answers, good luck. Regards 

Jepssy Beltre, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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