Teeth hardly show when smiling or talking, thin lips - Do I need a lip lift or jaw surgery, or both? (photo)

I have pretty low confidence because of my ugly mouth. I have a long distance between my nose and upper lip, really thin lips, and my teeth don't show when I talk or smile; when I do smile, only a little of my teeth show. On top of that my cheeks get really wrinkly - I feel like I have to much skin all over my face. As far as my lips/smile goes - what is the best course of action? Would a lip lift help, or would I need some kind of jaw surgery?

Doctor Answers 1

Your jaws are very proportionate

your jaw looks very proportionate and the profile is very pleasing.However,there are some minor issues ,especially ,while you are smiling, like pronounced nasolabial fold and little excess upperlip length (that is masking your teeth). Nasolabial fold can be corrected using a filler and lip problem by shortening the lip surgically.

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