What to Do After Teeth Grinding Ruined Teeth?

At this point i have not a single whole tooth left due to grinding during my sleep and a trip and fall at work. I wore a mouth gaurd but chewed through them all. I've had no success with medicaid, medicare or any other form of help. Due to physical appearance and pain I cant obtain employ. Eating, talking(speach) and Smiling are non-existant. Please someone guide me on a path so i can live some life Thank you

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How to Help Repair Teeth Grinding.

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Grinding your teeth can produce MANY problems, including breaking teeth.

In this situation, I would try one of your local hospitals or even a dental school for lower cost help. 

Step 1: Have the unrepairable teeth removed

Step 2: Have a temporay smile made. This may be a "flipper" or even a Snap on Smile. This can help you feel like you want to go back out in public again.

Step 3: Brush and clean your teeth everyday, constantly-keep them immaculate! 

Repair of Teeth from Grinding

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Grinding your teeth can lead to serious damage. It sounds as though you need extensive dentistry. There are usually less expensive temporary measures that may help you until you can afford definitive treatment.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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