Should the Wisdom Teeth Be Present During Invisalign for Correcting Gaps?

My teeth are straight, but I have a gap in the front area of my upper teeth. My wisdom teeth will be removed because I don't have enough room in my mouth. I was thinking of getting Invisalign to correct the gap, but a friend told me that the wisdom teeth must be present before I can get Invisalign. Someone else also told me I only need to have my molars. Do I really need to have my wisdom teeth so I can have this treatment?

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Wisdom Teeth may or may not affect Invisalign

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Most patients who request invisalign is because of tooth crowding. This usually is because of retention of wisdom teeth and there is no room for them. If this is the case the wisdom teeth need to be removed before starting invisalign which would allow for the remaining teeth to be moved into proper alignment.

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