Cheap Options for Chipped Teeth and Gaps?

I have some spaces between my top teeth and chipping as well. My parents want to find somthing cheap. What are my options for this?

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Get Rid of Chips and Gaps for less!

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Fixing gaps or spaces between teeth, and chipped teeth are 2 of the most sought after procedures in cosmetic dentistry. There are several options which can be very helpful and cost effective.

1. Tooth reshaping- in cases where chips are minimal, slight reshaping of edges and smoothing of sharp edges can be done quickly and painlessly. This is the least expensive option.

2. Appliances- when spaces are caused by 1 or a few teeth, minor tooth movement to shift teeth into proper position may help to close spaces and give them a more even appearance. This requires weekly appointments for adjustment of a retainer-like mouth appliance (hawley). This is generally a fee in the hundreds, not thousands ( as in invisalign or full braces).

3. Snap on smile- For quite a bit of broken edges, and or gaps, this approach (about 2 thousand) may be far less expensive than trying to fix multiple teeth. This is simply worn over your existing teeth for optimal esthetics. This is a good temporary solution until you can save finances for more involved procedures.

4.Gum therapy- sometimes the appearance of spaces are caused by the loss of gum tissue. Reshaping or grafting tissue may give your smile a whole new look without having to change anything about your teeth.

5. invisalign or full braces- To change position of more teeth and close gaps. This solution will be cheaper in the long run than trying to fill in all the spaces with bonding and maintain all of that bonding for years to come.

6. Dental bonding-This is generally the quickest fix, and very economical. Works best when repairing gaps or chips, but can stain or chip over time.

Keep in mind, each case is unique, therefore, some options work better in different situations

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Cost Effective Treatment for Gaps and Chips

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To close spaces and repair chips, you might consider composite bonding. It is about half the price of porcelain veneers, but there will be maintenance and a shorter life-span.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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