Teeth Flare/bow out from Being Straigtened with Braces in a Narrow Jaw. Can Fix Somehow?

Flare pushes upper lip out so upper & lower lip can't meet at rest. My mouth hangs open like a fish. It causes my teeth stick out too far when I smile, bottom lip then curls under it like I'm biting my lip. I'm already 39. I've worn braces twice & just had upper jaw shortening & still my mouth cannot close as this did not address the flaring maybe. He told me my jaw would naturally move back, but it didn't. I don't look any better after all this, why can't I remove teeth to spread them.

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Do I need teeth extracted?

The most common way to retract overly flared anterior teeth is to extract some teeth.  Was this option every mentioned?...Not sure what you mean by having your upper jaw shortened...did you have major jaw surgery?  If so this would mean that you had a severe skeletal problem in addition to a dental problem...I hope you where treated by well qualified orthodontists and oral surgeons and you got 2nd opinions...

It sure doesn't sound like you have a good result though...I would get at least a few additional opinions before doing anything else, and make sure that the doctors don't have a nonextraction at any cost philosophy!

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