Will Teeth Extractions Make my Smile Look Worse?

My orthodontist removed one of the very center two bottom jaw teeth, and 3 more molars (since I have two). I got it removed and I am wondering will it affect my smile a lot? I heard how extractions can leave narrow smile, etc. but in my case I feel the end of world since I removed one tooth, and 3 more on my way. I'm also two months into braces. I should also mention I had receeding gum on that tooth.

Did I make right decision to have it extracted and will my smile be worse off? I also noticed a bit of swelling near my chin. Will that bump disappear by itself after two months of extraction, or will it stay permanent?

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Sometimes, smile problem seems worse than it really is

Removing teeth can seem like the end of the world. It is not reversible, yet sometimes it is unavoidable. From the photos shown, you are likely on the right path.

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